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A small tool that shows the stacktrace of a running task.

Running environment
T-Kernel/x86 (Port to other architecture requires single function implementation)
T-Kernel port of libelf is distributed under GNU LGPL, just like the original.
The other two (pstkdrv, pstack) is distributed under MIT License.

Compiling pstack

pstkdrv, pstack, and libelf are driver, process, and library, respectively. Thus, you can compile them in driver/, bappl/, and lib/, respectively.

As pstack depends on libelf header files and library, you need to make && make install before compiling pstack application.


  1. First, execute % lodspg pstkdrv.
  2. When either the map-file (*.map) or unstripped executable (*.out) is available, transfer that to the target environment.
  3. Run % ref tsk command to get the task ID of the target task whose stacktrace you want to view.
  4. Type either one of the following commands to execute pstack (assume here that the target task ID is 123):
  5. Simply read the output
    [/SYS]% pstack 47:/SYS/USR/webkit.out
    *** TID = 47:
    EIP = 8000c51e : _end+2116597870
      <-- 80015544 : _end+2116634772
      <-- 80060038 : _end+2116940680
      <-- 800134ca : _end+2116626458
      <-- 8001555d : _end+2116634797
      <-- 0000003b : _usemt_+58
      <-- c062b418 : _end+3196757864
      <-- c061d884 : _end+3196701652
      <-- c061f3e2 : _end+3196708658
      <-- c060c2e6 : _end+3196630582
      <-- 800134ca : _end+2116626458
      <-- 8001555d : _end+2116634797
      <-- 00979073 : b_cact_par+11
      <-- 0010709a : TShellWebKitPanel::onWorkAreaMouseDown()+122
      <-- 004ca049 : TShellWindow::onMouseDown()+129
      <-- 004c952a : TShellApp::dispatch()+142
      <-- 004c9781 : TShellApp::cycle()+49
      <-- 001036d7 : TShellWebKitApp::cycle()+15
      <-- 004c979e : TShellApp::run()+18
      <-- 0010346f : MAIN_sub(message*)+91
      <-- 0010352f : MAIN+27
      <-- 001002ad : _C_startup+105

Of course, you can embed libpstk.c, pstack.h, and into your own applications to do print_stacktrace(...); for debugging purpose. However, if you do not need symbol resolution, it is easier to put tm_command("btr");.


Backtraces in kernel mode frames are sometimes incorrect. In the example above, address 0x0006003b is apparently wrong.

As the stacktraces in user mode are considered correct, you should (1) only target at tasks that belongs to a process, and (2) trust only stacktraces before syscalls. (In the above example, below "b_cact_par" can be trusted.)

The heart of the matter

Here's the reasons of the problems described previously. If you have any good ideas that helps to solve them, please tell me.


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